Our Mission

Our Mission
What is Horizon River's Mission?

Our Mission is to change how technology services are delivered one client at a time. We are driven to lower your overall IT costs by bringing our expert resources in to find ways to increase the performance of your technology assets.

How does Horizon River differentiate itself to bring this Mission to life?

By engaging the top technology professionals in their respective fields. We ensure that our team can step in and have an immediate impact with minimal ramp up time. This translates to faster time to solutions that streamline your business processes.

How will you lower my IT costs?

Our professionals are chosen because of their through knowledge of industry standards, common solutions, and how to maximize the performance of your systems while managing the costs to do so. We help build the business case to justify recommended changes to your infrastructure, and look beyond the technology to measure the true benefit to your business.

our values
Run A Sustainable Business

Horizon River believes that our natural resources are precious, and it's our responsibility to do everything possible to preserve them for future generations. We have a strict recycling policy, and minimize consumption of paper and other resources to do our part to save the planet.

Champion IT Service Excellence

It is expected that every member of the Horizon River team demonstrates technical leadership in every client interaction, but delivers it in a relatable way. We listen - we don't talk over or down to you. By following these principles, we develop strong relationships with our clients as their "trusted advisor" who can get work done.

Volunteer and Mentor

Horizon River is committed to giving back to our community, and providing opportunities to learn about the technology industry to students. Our team are all encouraged to get involved with various charitable organizations throughout the country to give back to those in need.

Would you like to learn more about our mission? Feel free to contact us.

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