Virtualization Solutions

Virtualization allows you to scale rapidly without building new Data Centers

Virtualization technology allows you to stretch your investment to maximize the efficiency in your data center. By investing in virtualization, you reduce the amount of physical servers you need to deploy throughout your Data Center, reducing your heat, power and cooling costs. The virtualized tier of servers run on this smaller physical tier, but provide increased compute capacity, and allow you to run multiple virtual servers on one physical server.

Horizon River can help rationalize your existing server footprint and manage the migration from physical to virtual. We can also help identify bottlenecks in your environment and tune your virtual configuration to get peak performance from your server farms.

When combined with an investment in Pure Storage, your virtualized compute environment will perform to their true maximum potential. The sub-millisecond response from the Pure Storage FlashArray, combined with their superior data reduction technologies will help you extend your server farms and drive performance beyond your highest expectations.

Contact one of our Virtualization Architects to find out how we can help you drive maximum value from a virtualized Data Center today!

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