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Is Your Data Quadrupling? Allow our Storage Architects to help.

Today's Data Center is being dominated by the first part of the name - Data. Business Applications and Intelligence are all driven by the amount of data that can be captured and analyzed allowing for smarter business decisions. This is a never-ending cycle, and projections show that worldwide data growth will reach 40,000 exabytes (40 trillion gigabytes) by the year 2020.

To prepare you for this surge in business critical data, Horizon River employs a team of Data and Storage architects that can help recommend solutions that will scale through the upcoming data boom. We specialize in solutions that complement your application performance needs, and drive your response times to mere milliseconds.

The key to our success in the Storage space is our exciting partnership with the premiere All-Flash storage vendor, Pure Storage. They have perfected the art of sub-millisecond performance from an Enterprise Storage Array, and do that while keeping the cost below what you are paying for spinning-disk solutions today. Every one of our clients that switches to Pure Storage can't believe the performance they drive from the Array while lowering their cost of operations in their Data Center and their overall spend on Storage.

Contact one of our Storage Architects today to learn how Horizon River can shrink your storage footprint while driving 10x the performance you see from your current storage solution.

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