Office As A Service

Interested in VDI? This Is VDI Plus.

These days, everyone is talking about Virtual Desktop solutions and trying to figure out how it fits in your business model.

The part that most businesses struggle with is balancing the cost of implementing VDI with the benefit to the organization. Horizon River has experience helping our clients determine when VDI is the right choice, and strategies for making the costs fit the business need. We would be happy to sit down with you to determine the business drivers that have led you to consider VDI, and make recommendations regarding the best solution for your needs.

At the same time, smaller organizations may not achieve the cost/benefit ratio that justifies the investment in the core technology to run VDI in your environment. For those situations, Horizon River has developed our Office-As-A-Service solution. We offer a hosted VDI solution as a subscription service. Our Data Centers are geographically diverse, and offer failover capabilities that keep you running in any situation. Couple that with hosted our Unified Communications platform, and you get a turn-key office desktop solution that allows you to scale when your business requires without the expensive investment in core infrastructure.

Call one of our solution specialists today to learn more about how Horizon River's Office-As-A-Service can benefit your team and help keep your technology costs at a reasonable level while reaping the benefits of a full Virtual Desktop environment.

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