Application Tuning Solutions

Application Tuning Solutions

Sometimes applications just run slow. End users get extremely frustrated, productivity goes down, and the application and infrastructure teams are pointing at each other with no resolution in site.

Our expert resources excel at digging in to the hardest application performance issues to remove bottlenecks and drive application performance to it's maximum potential. The unique value that Horizon River brings is the tight integration between our Application and Infrastructure services teams. Our resources have worked together for a long time, and can quickly identify the source of performance degradation anywhere in the application stack.

In addition, our team has seen instances in several of our client environments where the introduction of the Pure Storage FlashArray into an application stack demonstrating performance issues will have an immediate and profound impact on application performance. Batch processing jobs that previously ran for 24 hours will now complete in less than 4 hours. Combining the implementation of this technology with our expertise in application tuning services means you are able to get to market faster than your competitors and eliminate the frustration and lagging productivity.

Contact our Application Services team today to find out how we can help dramatically increase the performance of your mission critical applications.

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